A Ride of a Different Kind

Downey, CA 2:15am

I had just dropped off a passenger from the airport and was about ready to call it a night, when I got summoned.

It was a little odd of a place for a pickup, right at the bus stop, but people generally get picked up all over so who was I to find it odd… except… it was odd.

I pull up and this girl wearing a jump suit with nothing under it, because you could see everything through the thin material, jumps into my car.

She smiles, reaches over and plants her hand on my crotch, then states simply, $20.00 per BJ, $100.00 for front, and $150.00 for back.

I quickly moved her hand off my midsection and explained that she summoned me, I did not summon her. She immediately backed off and said, “Why’d you come down to downey at this time of night if you weren’t looking to get fucked,? Don’t you know this is where all the drivers come for a little relaxation now?”

She then looked at me and said, “love the beard”, and got out cancelling her ride.

I quickly turned off my Lyft app, and drove just as fast out of the area… Ratchet!

A Ride of a Different Kind

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