So I could use a Little Help


Please click the link if you can help donate towards the replacement of my naviagtional unit. $1.00 helps towards the 3800.00 bill that I’m facing, and I haven’t gotten to work much lately due to injuries sustained from being run over by a car in late 2015.  Everything helps and is much appreciated. Lyft only covered 250.00 for the damages, and said they would not cover any more nor give me their insurance company to help pay for the damages that are exceeding 2500.00 which is how much their deductible is for their insurance.

I appreciate you and your help.



So I could use a Little Help

A Little Puke Goes a Long Way

February 25th  Santa Barbara:

I had an incredible ride from LAX all the way to Santa Barbara.  Now I was looking forward to a great Saturday Night, Lyfting Passengers all over the City.

At about 12:35 am I was called to the Spearmint Rhino to pick up 3 roudy Middle Aged men.

One was talking about how he wants to move to Thailand with his wife, so that he can sleep with prostitutes behind her back…  He stated, ” Have you seen Rush Hour?”

I said, ” Yes… I don’t think anyone hasn’t…”

Well , you see its just like that, you go in a room, they bring out a bunch of women, they are designated a color or number, you choose the woman you want and its just that easy.

His other friend in the back said, ” I think your wife would get angry with you for that.”

He said, “She’s use to it, her dad slept with whores all the time, its not technically cheating because your not emotionally involved.”

This non-sense conversation lasted until we got to their house. Ironically the guy in the front was passing out, and the guy who wanted to move to Thailand, had his friend completely convinced that prostitutes were not cheating… (I’ll take a moment here to face-palm myself).

So the two wander off to their house and leave me with the guy that is passed out in my front seat.

I wake him up and ask if he’s feeling nauseas, he says he’s fine, just get him home.

Less than a block from his house, he sneezes… and projectile vomits at the same time.  It was like a waterfall cascaded down the front of my dash board and GPS system.

I’ve been driving for 3 years and never had a problem with anyone puking in my car.  This one blew out my Navigational system and cost over 140.00 in detailing to clean out everything…. RATCHET

A Little Puke Goes a Long Way