Prop 58 Fun

So some how Google has managed to sell my phone information yet again.  I changed the name on my phone to Jesus Martinez… I got a phone call today for a Jesus Martinez…

I speak a little Spanish, so I was very amused at this turn of events. Especially when it was someone calling me to explain proposition 58. They were trying to convince me that it would be a good thing if students could learn bilingually in a classroom. Especially those children who have crossed here from central America looking for refuge from the violence.

I peaced this together, as my Spanish is pretty horrible.  So as the long speech ended. She asked me if I understood in Spanish.

I answered yes I did.

She then asked if I was going to vote for prop 58.  I said in Spanish, no it sounds very very bad.

She high pitch said, “Que???!!!”.

I made a point to say no, it sounds very very bad.

She paused. She then said wait a second in Spanish. Someone else came on the phone and said, something I didn’t understand very well, so I said what?

They repeated it again, I think they said, why do you think prop 58 is bad… but I’m not sure.

So I said, “No say”. Then I said, “very bad again”.

The guy on the other side actually got very irate, and sounded like he was threatening me that I needed to vote yes. So I hung up.

My job was complete. I finally annoyed a telemarketer back for telemarketing to me.

Side Note:  Its very interesting that there were no required signatures needed for proposition 58 or 59. I find this a little strange.

Ballot Measures for California Showing 58 and 59 with no Signatures to get on the Ballot.

Prop 58 Fun

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