WTF Marilyn Manson

Santa Barbara, CA

I was summoned to Montecito, on a very eerie day.  The fog was stirring off the coast, and as I started towards the hills, it gathered and poured into the hillside. It wisped around  trees and almost looked like fingers stretching out across the road.  Mesmerizing is the only word for its slow flowing movement.

I reached my destination and a man in his late 30’s gets in.

He doesn’t seem interested in conversation, so I ask if he wants me to turn on the radio. He says, “No, I have to make a phone call.” .

This is that one sided conversation.

Reed! Hey its Chuck.

You aren’t going to believe this.

Yes, I can wait a second.

Okay, get this, apparently Marilyn Manson is making some kind of Androgynous S&M porn.

No, I’m not kidding, Rich just told me about it.

Yeah, He’s out in the Hollywood Hills right now.

It didn’t sound like it was just another stunt for the media.

Haha, yeah I bet it will top Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson’s vid.

Hey, I have to run, I’m meeting Nicole out for dinner.

Sure, I’ll update you if Rich finds out anything else.

He then exited my vehicle… leaving me with a lot of unanswered questions like… WTF is Androgynous porn…

I guess the world will know soon.

WTF Marilyn Manson

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