She Dangles

West Hollywood, CA


Well the day was going well. It had been a couple of weeks since any real incidences. Life was nice and enjoyable, and then I got summoned away to West Hollywood.

It was only about 8pm, usually the rides from West Hollywood don’t really start until 9pm.

The girl got into the front seat next to me, and then said, “Thank god! I’ve got to get home as soon as possible, I had a little bit of a situation and need to change.”

On second look, it wasn’t a girl, it was a trans-gender. Although, the voice kind of tipped it off better than the body.

She was on the phone, when she adjusted her self a little at the stop light. It was then that I saw what the situation was. Apparently so did she again, as she said, “Do you mind not staring its embarrassing enough, mkay, yeah, thanks.”

So apparently her strap had broke , and had freed Willy. Something I really did not need to see. I suppressed a laugh and got her home.  She continued talking on her phone like it was no big thing…


She Dangles

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