Prop 58 Fun

So some how Google has managed to sell my phone information yet again.  I changed the name on my phone to Jesus Martinez… I got a phone call today for a Jesus Martinez…

I speak a little Spanish, so I was very amused at this turn of events. Especially when it was someone calling me to explain proposition 58. They were trying to convince me that it would be a good thing if students could learn bilingually in a classroom. Especially those children who have crossed here from central America looking for refuge from the violence.

I peaced this together, as my Spanish is pretty horrible.  So as the long speech ended. She asked me if I understood in Spanish.

I answered yes I did.

She then asked if I was going to vote for prop 58.  I said in Spanish, no it sounds very very bad.

She high pitch said, “Que???!!!”.

I made a point to say no, it sounds very very bad.

She paused. She then said wait a second in Spanish. Someone else came on the phone and said, something I didn’t understand very well, so I said what?

They repeated it again, I think they said, why do you think prop 58 is bad… but I’m not sure.

So I said, “No say”. Then I said, “very bad again”.

The guy on the other side actually got very irate, and sounded like he was threatening me that I needed to vote yes. So I hung up.

My job was complete. I finally annoyed a telemarketer back for telemarketing to me.

Side Note:  Its very interesting that there were no required signatures needed for proposition 58 or 59. I find this a little strange.

Ballot Measures for California Showing 58 and 59 with no Signatures to get on the Ballot.

Prop 58 Fun

WTF Marilyn Manson

Santa Barbara, CA

I was summoned to Montecito, on a very eerie day.  The fog was stirring off the coast, and as I started towards the hills, it gathered and poured into the hillside. It wisped around  trees and almost looked like fingers stretching out across the road.  Mesmerizing is the only word for its slow flowing movement.

I reached my destination and a man in his late 30’s gets in.

He doesn’t seem interested in conversation, so I ask if he wants me to turn on the radio. He says, “No, I have to make a phone call.” .

This is that one sided conversation.

Reed! Hey its Chuck.

You aren’t going to believe this.

Yes, I can wait a second.

Okay, get this, apparently Marilyn Manson is making some kind of Androgynous S&M porn.

No, I’m not kidding, Rich just told me about it.

Yeah, He’s out in the Hollywood Hills right now.

It didn’t sound like it was just another stunt for the media.

Haha, yeah I bet it will top Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson’s vid.

Hey, I have to run, I’m meeting Nicole out for dinner.

Sure, I’ll update you if Rich finds out anything else.

He then exited my vehicle… leaving me with a lot of unanswered questions like… WTF is Androgynous porn…

I guess the world will know soon.

WTF Marilyn Manson

Toyota Prius Pitfall – Bad Batteries Are Normal Says Toyota – Toyota says not a Warranty Issue your Motor Revving High is Normal

So I have a 2015 Toyota Prius.  For 40,000 miles its been a great car. After that it started making a strange noise that has scared the crap out of some of my customers and quite frankly my self. So I took it in to the dealership and they cleaned out my air inflow, saying that there was debris in it.

$200.00+ later,  it was still revving the engine very high, periodically, while driving. It happened battery full or not.

I went back to the dealer, they said the problem was that someone hadn’t reset the intake flow sensors after the cleaning and replacements.

I didn’t get to drive the vehicle much, because I then got the worst flu ever in the middle of summer, and it turned into pneumonia.  So, three weeks later I was back on the road, with a passenger in the car.

They stated, and I quote, “Oh my god, it sounds like your engine is going to explode!”.

I dropped them off and went back to Toyota. This time they had me drive with a mechanic. Of course, the noise wouldn’t duplicate. So I tried driving it every which way , until it did.

The mechanic said its definitely revving high. He then did research and told me that it was probably a bad hybrid battery.  Then they called Toyota to get a go-ahead to replace the bad battery.

An hour later they came back and said , “Toyota says its normal for the car to rev when you are driving and the battery is low”.  Mind you that it happens when the battery is showing full as well.

Then they give me Toyota care to talk to… They start a case. They came back and said that Toyota’s decision is the same.

Buyer beware, according to my mechanic I went to, after I was unhappy with their response,  stated that the engine revving as high as it is can cause it to burn out while in motion. He stated I should probably get the hybrid battery replaced before that occurs, that its wearing down the engine life.

Moral of the Story? Don’t buy a Toyota Prius. I’ll be turning this one in on end of lease. Maybe a Ford C-Max will be better or a Tesla.

Toyota Prius Pitfall – Bad Batteries Are Normal Says Toyota – Toyota says not a Warranty Issue your Motor Revving High is Normal

OH NO GRANDMA!! What a Filthy Mouth You have.

Warning This was Highly Disturbing to me, as I’m sure it will be to you…

Malibu, CA

The night air was crisp and the sky was clear. The light from the Moon danced off the ocean as I continued down PCH waiting for a ride.

I was summoned.

As I arrived to pick up my passenger, he came out to my car and said, “You’ll be taking my mother-in-law home from the wedding. Her mouth has forced us to kick her out. Please don’t judge her too poorly for what she says, she’s very drunk”.

I pause, and am about to say, “Sorry I can’t take another passenger, only the one who summoned me… a lie… but then the lady stumbles out, 4’8” tall (I may be giving her an inch or two more than she is), portly to say the least, and barely walking.

She gets into my car, very slowly, and the first thing that she says is, “Fuck the wedding, I just want to be home on my computer anyhow.”

She then asks me to guess her age. When I don’t respond, because I don’t want to engage in conversation with her, she says 71 years old.

Then she tells me how she was married for 40 years to her husband before he passed away. She talked about how they had met and married in 3 days. She said he was the love of her life and he treated her really well, even when she became over weight.

I started to think the conversation wasn’t so bad. The story was sad and sweet… and then she destroyed any sentiment when she said, “Staying married that long requires being really good at putting your mouth on a mans cock. He never made me orgasm internally, but he sure could lick my clit the right way.

I almost crashed… yet another image that is burned in my mind… forever… so this is what hell is like.

She went on to talk about how she had a clit vibrator now and how it just doesn’t work as well.

Then she went on about some website called and how she met her last boyfriend there. She said she really liked him and that they had a wonderful time together.

I made the horrible mistake of asking her why they broke up…

She said, ” Well he was 56 years old and I’m 71… but thats not the reason… He ended up going to jail for flashing people at a mall. It makes me so sad. Although I think he was gay because he use to really love to use my dildo in his butt.”

I started praying to god that she would just stop… but she didn’t…

“I’m starting to think that my vagina is smelling like tuna fish, because all I eat is tuna fish salad every day.” She said randomly.

“Oh I can’t wait to get home and get on the computer. All the guys love me there. All we talk about is my moist hole. You wouldn’t think that many people would be into a 71 year old, but online I’m a dirty little whore.”

My brain at this point I believe was starting to melt. I was sure that at any moment my ears would just disintegrate and I would be left in a peaceful world without sound.

Then a miracle happened. We arrived.

She got out and blew me a kiss and a wink, then closed the door. It was the first time in my life I understood why emo people cut them selves to bleed out the pain.

I drove home feeling like the bad woman had touched my brain funny.



OH NO GRANDMA!! What a Filthy Mouth You have.

She Dangles

West Hollywood, CA


Well the day was going well. It had been a couple of weeks since any real incidences. Life was nice and enjoyable, and then I got summoned away to West Hollywood.

It was only about 8pm, usually the rides from West Hollywood don’t really start until 9pm.

The girl got into the front seat next to me, and then said, “Thank god! I’ve got to get home as soon as possible, I had a little bit of a situation and need to change.”

On second look, it wasn’t a girl, it was a trans-gender. Although, the voice kind of tipped it off better than the body.

She was on the phone, when she adjusted her self a little at the stop light. It was then that I saw what the situation was. Apparently so did she again, as she said, “Do you mind not staring its embarrassing enough, mkay, yeah, thanks.”

So apparently her strap had broke , and had freed Willy. Something I really did not need to see. I suppressed a laugh and got her home.  She continued talking on her phone like it was no big thing…


She Dangles