The New Samsung Galaxy’s Are Horrible

I accidentally left  my phone in a chevron gas station bathroom.  When it was swiped by a 5’7 Latino male, he ran off with the phone and got into a white KIA vehicle with license plate 7LNV477, in the Oxnard, CA area.

I had to go get another phone. My previous that was stolen was a Samsung Galaxy S5. A great phone. Worked fast, didn’t take bad pictures, and you could add a battery into it that had 8500Ma .

I had to purchase a new Samsung Galaxy 7 because I didn’t have time to wait for a S5 to come in from Ebay nor did I trust ebay sellers to sell a real S5. They have a tendancy to sell custom made models from china made to look like Samsung S5’s.

The Samsung Galaxy S7:

First, its glass on the front and on the back of the phone, just like the S6. That means if you drop it, you can break either end.  It also means that the phone runs hot and they wanted a way to cool it down faster.

Second, the phone runs about as fast as the S5, I saw no real difference in speed of technology Vs. Core power of this phone. Which is odd because the Motorola did seem a bit faster than the S7, however being use to the Samsung Galaxy series setup, I went with the Samsung, because well… it had a better camera.

Third, calling ability is a failure.  If you turn off HD calling, your internet goes out on you when you make phone calls, that means you can’t multitask and look things up while on the phone with someone with speaker running.

That also means that if you want to get the best connectivity while on the phone when driving for Uber and Lyft, that you can’t get it. Because you have to have the HD on to stay connected to the Uber and Lyft servers, so your resources are shared.

The worst part is, since you are forced to use this HD mode, you are using your data up with every phone call you make.

Fourth, it says longer lasting battery, but it lasts continuously for less time than my S5 did with its normal battery in it.

The only good thing about the phone is the ability to actually shut off almost every bloatware feature installed for you by Samsung and Verizon, with the exception of youtube and google app products, for that you’d have to root the phone, which you probably don’t want to do since its under warranty.

So… I ended up getting another S5 shipped to me and returned the S7. The people at the store were not happy nor customer friendly about the experience of doing that. But, you know, you sell a bunk product expect a return or two.

P.S. To Samsung, if I wanted a non-customizable, overheating phone with a battery that can’t come out so you have to buy a new phone when it dies, I’d buy and Iphone.  Thanks.




The New Samsung Galaxy’s Are Horrible

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