My Keys!

Its about 7pm in the evening in Santa Monica.


I’m summoned to Santa Monica College on a Lyft Line. I’ve got one passenger behind me who’s pretty chill and just wants to get home as fast as possible…. Well… that didn’t happen.

As I’m about to slow down and park where this guys location is at this 19 year old jumps out in the middle of traffic to stop me.

I had to hit my breaks hard, almost causing someone else behind me to hit me.

He jumps in the car and said, “Okay, you know where to go right?”. I nod to the gps and he says, ” Great!”.

We’re driving for about 8 minutes when he discovers he does not have his keys on him. With the permission of the other passenger, we head back so he can go find his keys.

Its getting pretty dark by the time we arrive, and the passenger jumps and starts to search for his keys.  He can barely see anything, so he takes out his phone to use as a flashlight.

Both my self and the other passenger start to laugh when we see his keys fall to the ground when he pulls out his phone. Then we laugh even harder when he doesn’t see that he’s dropped them and starts to wander in the opposite direction of where they fell.

Now we, in the car, are good samaritans, as such we decide its better just to let him look for his keys, rather than tell him where they are at… it took him a good 15 minutes, throwing his fists up in the air in frustration, going in circles, and walking back and forth thinking, before he came across his keys.

By this time both of us in the car were in tears, we didn’t think there would be any more room for laughing… until he shot his arm up in the air, in a triumphant announcement of … I HAVE FOUND MY KEYS!!!! Yeah, we lost it.

He gets back in the car, oblivious to the fact that we had been laughing, and we continue to go drop him off… When I’m about to stop the car to drop him off, he opens the door and jumps out, while the vehicle is still in motion… Kids about as sharp as a bowling pin.

My Keys!

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