Day 3 of being able to drive for a few hours at a time. Sunday I made it for about 2.5 hours.

I was driving down in Hollywood.  I had almost escaped to the freeway, when I was suddenly requested. I had to make a U-turn and fight traffic for about 15 more minutes, fighting my way back down Highland.

I finally got to the corner of Highland and Hollywood where a guy dressed as Batman waves his phone at me.

I stop and unlock the doors, and he pretends to dive into my car… waving good bye to his fans… or fan… or people that didn’t really care honestly… Darth Vader was really getting all the attention.

I start to move towards Sunset, when from the back he says, “Can you turn around and head towards the Freeway? I’m not sure where I’m headed yet.”

When I’m almost to the freeway, I hear a text go off.

He says, can you head back toward Santa Monica?

I oblige and we turn around.

Its quiet and he asks to charge his phone. I hand him the charger, but his phone won’t charge.

I say it might be a good idea to enter the address before his phone dies.

He enters the address, and then it dies.

His destination takes us to a really dark ally off to the left of highland.

I ask him if this is his destination. He replies, uh.. I think so…

I let him get out and then watch for a few minutes to make sure its his destination before I turn off his fare and take off.

Then a lady runs out of the building and blind sides him with her purse….

??? POW! BLAM! WHACK! !@#%  SMACK! was all I could think about, watching in confused bemusement.  Then I tapped at my camera in my car and she stopped. I’m sure our super hero’s pride at this point is a little mangled.

As I drive off, I hear. I can’t believe you came here to cheat on me with my best friend. You are a liar and a cheater, and I want a divorce!

Life is hard for Batman folks… life is hard.





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