Best place to pick up women ever!

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since my last post. I’m still unable to drive. I have, however just encountered something ratchet, so I thought I’d post.

I had to go in to visit the doctor. As I waited to go in, there were two guys sitting within earshot of me….

Hey man, what you want to do when your done?

Well, there is a place that has some pretty hot chicks in it close by. I talked to one and lets just say… Score, last week.


Yeah man.


The Ob office upstairs.

What!? Thats fucking gross man.

No man, seriously. I was there with my sister and hanging out, all chill like, in the waiting room. The chick was like 2 months pregnant, but money.

So, easy to tap.

Exactly. Dude lets go after we’re done.

Okay, but let me smoke a blunt first.




Best place to pick up women ever!