Turn on the lights!

Santa Monica,

She was about 24-25.

Sitting in the back seat talking to her friend, she said, “You really want to know why I left?”.

Her friend said,” Yes”.

Okay, so I got upstairs and really had to use the restroom. None were available. So I went in the other room to sit down and wait. Jake was in there making out with some other girl who was almost passed out. I was so pissed.

So that’s why you left?

No, I was going to use the restroom, then get even by making out with his friend.

Why did you leave then?

Its a little embarrassing. The restroom door opened and I ran in without turning on the lights, because I had to go so bad, and couldnt find the switch.

So you fell in?

No, worse, I ended up sitting on a toilet seat cover that was covered in someones shit.

Ewe! That is so grosse!


Turn on the lights!

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