Where Do I Put This?

Manhattan Beach, CA

I got summoned near to the pier.

The ocean looked spectacular as it glistened on the water hitting the coast. I had my window down to enjoy the fresh air and perfect temperatures.

“It really doesn’t  get better than this”, I was thinking to my self.

She got in as I pulled up to the curb, wearing nothing but a bathing suit wrapped in a towel.

She was nice, and gave me the address  to her house in Beverly Hills.

As I was concentrating on the road, she was rustling through my stuff in the back.

About halfway there. I was asked,”Where do I put this?”.

I couldn’t see what she was talking about. So I asked her if it was trash. Thinking, she had had some candy or water.

She said yes.

I said,” Hand it to me and I’ll put it in the trash.”

She handed me what felt like a candy wrapper, so I went to crush it in my hand and put it in the little trash holder… bad move.

I felt something warm wet and sticky go on my hand. I immediately pulled over.

As I opened my hand to investigate. It was as I feared, and I gagged.

Grabbing a bottle of water and the bottle of hand sanitizer out of my car. I got out and threw the bloody tampon on the ground. Then rinsed my hand off with water and sanitizer, about 10 times… My rider oblivious, as she was passed out in the back.


So, after cleansing my self, I finished driving her back to her house.

She wouldn’t wake up with just me calling her name, flashing the lights, or turning up the radio really loud. So, I had to walk up to her huge house, and ring the doorbell. Her mother answered the door. I explained what had transpired, and that I couldn’t get her to wake up. Her mother looked furious, muttered something under her breath about a bad idea giving her daughter a Fake ID, then helped me carry her into the house.

Her mother gave me 150.00 tip and said, thats to keep you honest. I smiled, not to reassure her, but because I knew this was going in my blog.

I got back to my car, and was thrilled to find no stains on my seat.

Where Do I Put This?

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