What’s In the bag?

Culver City, CA

The 10 fwy can be kind of scary on a Friday night. People swerve in and out of their lanes after a night of carousel.

As I waded my way off the freeway, I received a request to pick up my next passenger. Shortly there after, I arrived.

She was about 5’8 couldn’t have weighed more than 120lbs.

She asked me to wait a moment while she went and grabbed something. I obliged… figured she forgot her purse or something.

Then she came back with one of the larger sizes of suitcases and a trashbag full of clothes. That something she forgot, was something big.

I, of course, made the off comment of, “So who’s in the trunk”.

She laughed and said,” Just some clothes, shoes, hats and things.”.

I looked at my gps and didn’t show that I was heading to the airport, so I asked,”Traveling?”.

She said,”No, my friend just broke up with his girlfriend and told me to help my self to her things.”.

I said, “That can’t be legal.”.

She said,”Maybe next time she’ll think before she cheats.”.

I dropped her off, and as she started to pull the luggage towards her house, the trash bag ripped open, and out popped some lingerie and other undergarments…. all I could think of was; Now that’s ratchet.

What’s In the bag?

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