The Perfect Timer.

Santa Monica, CA

Closing time. This is the hour we wait for on the Friday and Saturday nights. No-one cares what they are paying for a ride, they just want to get home without a DUI, besides they just spent 200.00 on alcohol that, if they made it at home would have cost them 30.00 at most.

I pulled up to the Victorian and picked her up.  Her friends she said had ditched her, and she was grateful for having the rideshare app.

Then she turned to me and said,”If I say stop, you have about 3 minutes to get to the side of the road so I can puke.

I laughed and said,”Hopefully that doesn’t happen.”

We went along, chatting about her school, and how she was getting her bachelors in psychology, when suddenly she said,”3 Minutes”.

Now, honestly I thought she was kidding, and I happened to look at my car’s clock when she said it.  Then I pulled over to the side of the road. As she got out and went to an inconspicuous area. She waited for about a minute, and then… BOOM… It all came out.

I checked my clock… Three minutes exactly.

She got back in the car as if nothing had transpired, and we continued our conversation for about another 4 miles. She then told me again 3 minutes and I pulled over.

Seriously it was again 3 almost exact minutes.

When she got back in, I asked her how she knew 3 minutes.

She said her ex-boyfriend kept timing her when she said she felt sick from drinking, and it became an after-drinking-game for them.

We proceeded to her route and only stopped 2 more times. Each time was almost exactly 3 minutes.

Pretty impressive. I have to say, at the least.

The Perfect Timer.

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