You Ruined My Rap Audition!

Van Nuys, CA

Two girls got in my back seat. Both were dressed so scantily you would think they were headed to a strip club.

They were talking about the new video they were auditioning for, and were so friendly… until, one took out a compact and accidentally dropped it on her friend.

Powder came out and spotted up her miniskirt, mini tank, and her heels.

As she looked down to see the damage done, my ears almost exploded with the scream she let out.

The one that spilled the compact looked horrified as she tried to curl up into the corner of the seat of the car.

“MY OUT FIT IS RUINED, YOU BITCH!!!”, she cried out.  “How am I suppose to fuck the producer into letting me on the shoot looking like this?”.  She glared at her friend and said, “YOU RUINED MY RAP AUDITION!”.

Then she picked up the compact and threw just the powder cake back at her friend.

There were words said, faces clawed at, threats of ,”I will kill you!!!”, etc…

So, I pulled over to kick them out. But, I couldn’t.  The one who had originally dropped the compact in the first place, had her top torn off and her left boob hanging out.

I gave them the option of going back to their apartment if they were quiet and didn’t fight, or me calling another driver to have them taken home.

They quieted down, and I took them home. The one with the torn top apologized and gave me $50.00 to get my car cleaned up.

They were lucky I didn’t report it so they would end up having to pay $100.00.

Moral of story? Don’t do you make-up in the car.

You Ruined My Rap Audition!

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