The Ratchet Rip

Its only fair, that if the ratchet hour turns to be an affair of my own, that I poke fun of myself too.

It was in the middle of a busy delivery hour for sidecar.

I was in a rush, and heading into a customers apartment complex.

I reached the customer’s front door, knocked and delivered. Business as usual. Then he tipped me a dollar, something that doesn’t usually happen.

I took the dollar, said thank you, and quickly turned… a little too fast.

The dollar fell, and I bent to catch it… The sudden movement dislodged a proportionately large amount of gas from my bowels, which exploded in enormity straight toward my customer… Now if this wasn’t bad enough, my shorts tore a gaping hole in the rear section at the exact same time.

Not so bad right? Wrong!

When it rains, it pours in threes.

I happen to be commando that day, because laundry day was the day after.

So, my customer starts howling in laughter at my bare ass, as I became a world class sprinter, heading towards my car to get home.

The Ratchet Rip

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