Driver 1 Police 0

Santa Monica, CA

I was parked, waiting for a summon to drive.

After running through an intersection, a police officer turns on his siren and pulls over a guy driving a bmw.

He gets out of his vehicle and walks to the drivers side door. The man looks bewildered and rolls down his window.

I of course am curious and have mine down as well to listen.

The officer procedes with,” License and registration. ”

The man in the bmw gives him both. He then asks, “What am I being pulled over for?”

The officer says,”Not stopping at a stop sign”.

The man in the vehicle says,”There is no stop sign.”

The officer turns his head, then his body. He looks really hard at the intersection, hands back the license and registration, says ,”I apologize for the inconvenience”, then gets in his car and drives off.

Driver 1 Police 0

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