Are You Going To Wash Your Hands In That?

Westwood, Los Angeles

Two male students took up the topic of water conservation.

Student 1: We should come up with a way that the school can conserve water.

Student 2: Right, but first we have to think of what really wastes the most water on and off campus.

Student 1: What about swimming pools?

Student 2: Swimming pools only waste water when they are filled. If they are covered, the yearly usage of water is minimal.

Student 1: I did not know that.

Student 2: The biggest waste of water in my opinion are toilets.

Student 1: True.

Student 2: So what can we do about that?

Student 1: Well guys pee standing right?

Student 2: Right.

Student 1: So lets advocate pissing in the sink to save water.

Student 2: Its gross, but brilliant!

Student 1: We’ll start the movement in our Dorm, and then it will grow from there.

Student  2: I’ll make the flyers tomorrow.

My thoughts: careful where you wash your vegetables, dishes and hands on campus lol.

Are You Going To Wash Your Hands In That?

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