She’s A Knockout

Downtown LA

The first thing he did when he got in my car is say,”Go, just go”.

So I went.

We were almost to the freeway when he said, “Shit, go back.”

Somehow I knew there was trouble brewing, as he started to chew nervously on one of his fingernails.

We pulled back up to the club where I had picked him up earlier.

She came storming up to the car, opened the door, then slammed it shut.

As she gazed daggers at him, she said,”I don’t even want to speak to you”.

In the awkward silence that ensued, I took it upon my self to turn on some music.

You could feel the tension oozing in my back seat. I just prayed the silence would last for another 10 min, which is how long it would take to get them home…. no such luck.

“How could you disrespect me like that”, she said, fuming.

With a sheepish grin he said,”I don’t know what you are talking about. “.

Oh, you know exactly what I’m talking about, I saw you.

I don’t know what you think you saw, but I didn’t do nothing.

And then I got dragged into it…

She turned to me and said,”Do you want to know what he did to my friend?”.

I didn’t get a chance to answer no, she just went on to tell me anyhow.

My poor friend was leaning over a planter puking, while he pantomimed fingering and eating her out from behind, for the benefit of his friend.

Then he interjected,”It’s not my fault she wasn’t wearing no panties”.

She cried out,”SEE you admit it!”

He started laughing.

“I don’t want you hanging out with that friend anymore, he’s a bad influence on you.” she retorted to his laughing.

He then went on to talk about how they’ve been friends for twenty years, that he’s only been with her for one etc…

Then I suddenly felt I was on a Maury show as she blurted out, “How can you disrespect me like this? I had your baby. You are really going to choose your friend over me?”.

I could almost feel the tension hitting it’s peak with those last few words.

Then, it came out of his mouth, I couldn’t believe anyone would say what he did…

“Bitch, please.  Anyone can have a baby.”

From my rear view mirror I saw her swing with a perfectly executed right uppercut. His head snapped to the right with such force, that his head struck, then bounced off my right passenger side window. He was clearly dazed from the impact.

She told me to stop and let her out, or she would jump out.

As I stopped, he said “No, I’ll walk, just get her home safe.”

As he stepped out of the vehicle, she said,” Oh, look at who’s trying to be all chivalrous now.”

He slammed the door and walked off. She slumped her head and started crying.

As I dropped her off, she apologized profusely,  and then made a phone call to make sure he was okay.

I chalked it up to one bad night for the both of them, and didn’t give them a bad rating.

She’s A Knockout

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