Fun With The Homeless

I passed by this homeless guy. He had the typical sign that read,”Hungry Please Help, God Bless!”.

I felt bad, so I rummaged through the change box in my car. I came up with about $2.00 in change. Pulled back around and gave it to him.

He said,”Keep your change son, only a poor @$!#er gives a homeless man change.”.

Undeterred, I went and used that change to buy him a chicken sandwich.

I handed him the chicken sandwich, to which he stated.”I can’t eat that, I’m a vegetarian.”

Now, I was determined to see if the hungry part of his sign was true. So, I went and bought him a side salad, hold the cheese, with vinagrette.

When I attempted to give it to him, he said,”I said vegetarian, not cow. What is this @$!#?!”.

I could understand not wanting to eat a bunch of lettuce, so I went over and got him a veggie burger.

When I gave it to him, he took it. He then busted out a huge wad of cash. From that he pulled out a $10.00 bill.

He gave me that bill, then said,”Now get out of here son, you are bad for business.”

Fun With The Homeless

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