Put That Back In Your Pants

West Hollywood.

With pain staking stealth, my passenger escaped the house of his most recent victim.

When he had masterfully accomplished the silent door shutting, he strutted with glee towards my car.

He was completely unaware that in his calculated escape he had forgotten to do one important thing… put on his pants.

As he reached my car, it became evidently clear to him his grievous error. He flopped out of his boxers for all the world to see.

The realization spread across his face as he looked down in horror. He started to cuss and slowly turned around. His shoulders slumped, and he walked shamefully back to the residence.

He lifted his hand to knock, but he just couldn’t get himself to do it. After a minutes breather, he finally raised his hand again and did the deed.

Nothing happened.

He waited a couple of minutes longer, and still nothing.

Finally, he rang the doorbell.

The lights in the house came on. Then a few minutes later a 350lb, atleast, woman opened the door in her silk nighty.

She waved his pants in front of him teasingly, then shoved them hard against him. She slammed the door and the lights went out.

He put on his pants, got in my car, and wouldn’t even look at me the rest of the ride back to his place.

Put That Back In Your Pants

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