Things you can !!NEVER!! unsee.

Sometimes you are just driving along, minding your own business, when suddenly the unexpected collides with reality.

It was 3am. I was driving down the deserted streets of Santa Monica. All the lights were green, and I hadn’t had a passenger for about 20 minutes.

As I drove up to the corner of Santa Monica and North El Centro Ave, the light finally turned red. I was alone… in my car… feeling scared and vulnerable… watching a horror unravel before my very eyes.

She was about a 24 year old Big…Really Big…. Extremely BIG  woman. I am talking about 350+ lbs overy 6′ tall. She wore a short brown wig on her head, a biker style black leather hat, and a long leather jacket.

These in them selves were not truly bad. What was horrifying, was the intent that was written on her face. She gave me, what I could only call, a semi retarded goofy broad smile.

Before I could avert my eyes, it happened. It seemed like an eternity, as it will be forever replaying itself in my brain. She ripped open her jacket, and revealed everything that you never wanted to see in life.

With a gift of small fortune, the light turned green, as I gratefully drove away in the cold sweat of shock.

Things you can !!NEVER!! unsee.

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